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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Before you arrived I could not imagine what life would be like with you in it. I sit here now and cannot remember whether there was an actual 'life' before you - I know it must have been more than merely existing as I have fond memories of events gone by.  There has been one solitary morning where I have woken up without seeing you and the only word I can use to describe it is bereft.

Another twelve months have gone by and we have forged a stronger bond than we had previously.  We have had many a milestone moment and your Mummy, I, has shed a happy tear at each one.  As the words start to come easier to you our understanding of one another improves - this has also meant that you are able to communicate your wants, needs and desires as well as "No". We have the tantrums which are only just beginning but we are learning.  Mummy has a constant voice that whispers in her ear that you are learning, constantly learning right now and so needs to learn to be patient, ever patient.  It has been a steep learning curve for Mummy and right now I am learning about me too.

At 2 you are a boy.  You love the outdoors - simple things like running up and down a hill will have your Daddy and I stood for many a minute waiting for you to tire.  You have inherited Mummy's observer characteristics and your Daddy's lack of fear, fun and ability for sport.  There is the kicking, throwing and catching of balls.  The jumping on and off everything possible has my heart in my mouth every time but I am also aware that you need to be confident in how your body can and will work.  It makes Mummy much happier now that you bend your knees as you land!

Munch's second birthday!

You love horses.  We know not why but they mesmerise you.  We are lucky to live not far from paddocks and stables and so a trip to see the 'horsies' is an easy one.  You love spying aeroplanes high in the sky and can often spot them before we do.  You saw a helicopter at nursery once and since then have pointed to the sky searching for a 'copter'.  The pace at which you are learning has Mummy doing her own frantic homework - time spent trawling across the internet looking for ways to help you discover and learn about the world around you.  Trying hard to make sure that we help develop your creative side that is so alien to both your parents. 

Your favourite foods change all the time but firm favourites are most definitely noodles, rice, sweetcorn and chickpeas.  You are still drinking only water and milk but now using a cup/beaker which you prefer to either be pink or blue.  We have spent time baking and making food together now that you are a little older but you are eager to help Mummy chop. 

You have a strong character developing - the determined, stubborn streak that both Daddy and I possess is there already.  We are both mindful that you do not develop the negatives that can come with that.  You are full of energy, love to dance and sing, love your books and music but most of all you are having the childhood that both Daddy and I have worked hard to make sure you have.  One filled with fun and happiness, security and love, along with a growing independence as you take your steps along your journey.

As I write this I will not know if we have done right by you until many years have passed.  The one thing I do hope you will come to understand is that all that we have done so far and all the things that are to come have been considered and done out of love.  You are loved more than we thought it possible to love and for that I thank you.

Today and always, we love you.