> Mushypea, Sprout et al: March 2012

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Now we are six

OK, so there are not six chez moi - rather that we are about to hit the six month mark since our rainbow boy was born.  On the one hand it feels a lot longer and on the other time has run away with itself and had a jolly good time doing it!

We, aka Mushypea and Sprout ( I'll share that tale with you anon), have gone through the steep learning curve that is the introduction to parenthood and are fighting strong.  There have been moments, I might add, where we have both beaten our respective chests and squared off but we are learning to be a three and are adjusting as things progress.

I am currently preparing myself for the work that I need to put in to make the transition, for our little Munch, from being with mum almost 24/7 to going to nursery when I return to work as smooth as possible.  It is an exciting time as we are into the throws of baby-led weaning, about to start 'swimming' lessons, on the verge of crawling and constantly grasping new skills albeit I'm not sure if raspberry blowing is considered a skill but I celebrate these steps regardless.

It is with great trepidation that I look towards my return to my previous day job.  I'm not the first mother to have to do this and by no means will I be the last.  The little moments that I will miss and the little snippets of time that I will have on a daily basis tug on those heart strings like I never imagined and I'm not even back at work yet!!  How did I develop this dependency on my little partner in crime?  We have spent less than twenty-four hours apart in these past six months so it is to be expected I guess.  It will bother me more than it will Munch but I keep my head firmly screwed and remind myself of all the benefits it will bestow on us.  It's either that or I've come to the conclusion I'd tell them to stick the job and be a full time stay at home mum and that option isn't realistic/healthy for us at all.

I have gone through all manner of emotions these past six months - good and the not so good.  The one that stands out is just how much unbridled joy such a little person can bring.  My little bubble that is our family makes me want to burst with happiness and if there is a heaven on earth I am lucky enough to be living it.  This is my heaven - my family.