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Sunday, 3 June 2012


The darling Rachel at Mr Isaac's Blog has tagged me in this meme that was dreamt up by Mummy Central.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Master Munch sends out the why vibes constantly and we have a few of our own too.

  • Why do you feel the need to practise your new moves at night when you've been doing them all day - only to wake yourself up?
  • Why, when you have a multitude of toys is the *insert any non-toy* much more interesting?
  • Why do you wake just as we are about to drift off to sleep ourselves?
  • Why is that even when we, your parents, are exhausted, you manage to brighten up the day by just being you?
  • Why do you cock your head to the side and do that whole "Look at me. I"m so cute" thing?  And more importantly, where did you learn that?
  • Why do you look at us in a disapproving manner as though your Daddy and I are the children?  Is this a sign of things to come?
  • Why did you master sleeping through the night then promptly forget you had this talent two weeks later?
  • Why can we not imagine life without you and, for that matter, remember what life was like before you?
  • Why is it you are able to motivate your Daddy and I like nothing else?
  • Why do you grow and change so quickly when we want you to slow down so we can spend longer with you?
  • Why is it you have taught us to love more than we thought possible and yet that only grows more and more each day?
  • Why do we get the impression you will be fending off the girls with that melting smile of yours?
  • Why are you so impossibly cute and beautiful even when you are upset? I mean, as parents we're not too bad but you are just on another level!
What are yours?  You've been tagged!

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Post your whys then link it back to Mummy Central here.


  1. What a sweet list - and I agree with every one. Funny how no-one else but your child can drive you mad and deprive you of sleep, but you'll forgive him anything because you are more in love than you've ever been in your entire life x

    1. I never realised just how much love I had to give, who knew?