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Friday, 20 July 2012

50 shades of ....

In the distance she heard a murmur.  She listened in earnest with her eyes still closed and heard no more.  A swift movement next to her and the chill of cold air made the skin pucker on her legs with the sensation.  The electric current danced its way up her spine and with eyes still closed she nestled further into the warmth that she knew was awaiting her.  She had missed the warmth and had forgotten its soothing caress; she had wondered the feelings it would arouse as she reacquainted herself with it.  She bid it a loving embrace and she adjusted to a more comfortable position for the both of them.  If she opened her eyes now the moment would be lost and so she kept them firmly shut and allowed the warmth to wash over her and take her prisoner.

Sleep, how I have missed you ; )


  1. Ahhhhh, yes, I think I remember sleep! What a great piece of writing! Well done you. Thank you for joining in on #50shadesofparenthood
    :) Karin @ Mummy365

  2. After a night spent shovelling childish vomit this sounds my ultimate fantasy too.

  3. Too true.....and sleep is so rarely lost for a good reason! Pah!