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Friday, 27 April 2012

Happy places

Alison from All-in-One Mum wants to know where my "happy places" are in this meme.  Five of them no less!  Places where I can just me be for a little while without any distractions that come from my roles of Mum and partner.

These are my five "Happy Places"...

1.  The bathroom/toilet

It is without doubt the one place where I get time to be me every single day without fail.  The moment may be short but it is very much appreciated.  Just a shame I have no toilet issues otherwise I might get more me time!

2.  In front of my Mac

It does what it says with no faffing - just the way I like my technology to be.  It can keep me nicely ensconced in my own little world for five minutes to a few hours.  From blogging to just random perusal of the world that is web based it gives me time to sometimes achieve not very much but that choice has been mine.

3.  Outdoors

I love being outside - anywhere outside as long as it is that - OUT!  In the pre-Munch period I worked in a place where there were no windows - it did not matter whether WW3 had started outside or not, I would have no inkling.  This has always meant that I want to go out whatever the weather.  I mean, you only need the appropriate attire and you will be fine.  Of course, now that Munch comes along it does mean I have tended to not drag the poor mite out in rain, snow and cold but as he gets older I look forward to being out more and more.

4.  My bed

I love our bed.  I would like to be able to spend more time in it although I have that feeling it may not happen until our boy hits those teen years.  I can count on one hand the number of times I have managed to stay in bed later than 8am since Munch was born.  There was a time when we could wake up, have a feed and go back to sleep - this no longer happens.  With baby-led weaning, it has meant that breakfast must happen whether I am tired or not.  The joys of dragging my sorry arse out of bed every morning is both a delight and a chore.  Delight, what delight I hear you ask?  That that comes from sharing my breakfast time with the little man and watching him eat his way through all manner of new foods.  If it weren't for that I would quite happily hide under the duvet with my own thoughts causing havoc in my own head.

5.  Somewhere, anywhere,  with my headphones on and the music turned up

Music.  Music has always been my escape and the thing that clears my mind.  It is my friend in my moments of joy and those made of tears.

Where/what are your happy places?  Link it back to the creator of this here Meme - Jenna from Stilettos on the School Run. You've been tagged!

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