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Thursday, 5 April 2012

WTF - Where's the food?

It's true! WTF should really be the acronym for "Where's the food?" - much of my life revolves around food in some way.  Other than the oral pleasure that is eating there is the making of it too.  Okay, so sometimes I will give the whole flying by the seat of your pants cooking a go but I'm not that inventive nor intuitive in the main so I like following recipes.  I may follow the recipe but tweak the ingredients which usually means adding less fat or sugar - don't get me wrong, I like food but not to the point where I am willing to damage my health to epic proportions on a regular basis.  You know what I'm referring to.  It's those recipes where the list of ingredients is like your own DIY coronary in one meal!

So, I love my food, have I said that already?  Hence I am very fortunate that the man that is Sprout also loves food as much as I.  I hope that our little boy will come to share this love of ours.

We are following baby-led weaning which makes the most sense to me.  Why would we want him to eat something we wouldn't?  No drama is involved in getting Munch to eat .  Mealtimes are a family affair and with each day Munch amazes me as to just how far he has come.  The panic that came at the beginning watching him gag has subsided and he rarely does this now.  It takes some doing to trust him and not jump in when he attempts to stuff his mouth full of food I can tell you!  He sits at our table and eats what we eat.  He knows it is time for food as soon as we put him in his chair.  He waits for his portion to be put in front of him when we are all sat. You can see the cogs turning as he thinks about how he is going to tackle a certain piece of food.  It is a joy to watch and even the mess it creates is fun to see.

We have stayed away from the fruit thus far apart from the raisins, or are they currants, in a hot cross bun.  *mental note to self find out the difference between raisins, currants and sultanas!*  From his first roast dinner to his first curry he has taken to them with the same enthusiasm.

Do I advocate BLW? 100% yes.  To enjoy food is about discovering new flavours and textures even for me as an adult, so small he may be but I know our little man is already on his merry way to taking after one Mushypea and a Sprout.

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  1. Yay for Munch!! Just remember if you're not giving fruit early because of the sugar, carbs turn into sugar too - breads like hot cross buns and just breads and white foods in general.