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Monday, 16 April 2012

How and when do you find the time to ...

Eek, my first tag in a meme thanks to Farfromhomemama of Three years, one stone then home , wondering if my routine is full of thrills and adventures.  I make no promises but some ground rules to start:

  • Post the rules
  • When answering the questions, please give as much detail as possible
  • Leave a comment on Sex, drugs, rocker and stroller, baby so we can keep track of the meme and totally steal your routine tips to make our worlds a happier place
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Okie doke, ready?  *deep breath* Here goes.

How and when do you find the time to ....

... do your laundry?

Pre-Munch, it was laundry day every Wednesday because that was my regular day off and every Sunday too.  Nowadays, it is more like three times a week depending on how the basket looks.  The sign that a load needs washing is when Munch runs short on coloured socks!  I try and put it on first thing whilst I am waiting for the kettle to boil for my morning mug of tea otherwise it is done before we venture out.  That way, by the time we return home the machine has finished washing and I can take it out.  On bad days wet washing has sat in the machine all day until Sprout finishes work and can take Munch off my hands.  This used to be so stressful for me as I like to get things done and finished once I start, but now?  I only get annoyed if I have missed a good drying day - yes, my life really has gotten to be that exciting!!

...write a blog post?

Only when Munch decides to take his two hour nap of an afternoon.  That is unless we have had a bad night in which case I will nap too. Evenings and weekends are avoided as those are protected family times for us and I will hold onto them for dear life.

...look after yourself?... i.e. wash your hair, paint your nails, take a bubble bath etc?

I have a shower every morning and wash my hair at the same time.  This is normally when Munch is having his morning nap or is playing happily on his own.  On his clingy days I have been known to have him playing on the bathroom floor while I shower.  The weekends are a more leisurely affair as Sprout is on hand although there is only so long you can drag out a shower.  Nail painting I have never really been into.  Bubble bath?  I am one of those strange people who cannot abide a bath - to some it is the most relaxing thing.  It stresses me out as I have to sit and do nothing.  I am not good at the doing nothing.

...spend time with your other half?

We have a few hours every evening once Munch is asleep - normally we watch some TV together and I may, or may not, fall asleep.  I appreciate these few hours immensely especially as in the early months we were lucky to get ten minutes to ourselves.  We spend weekends as a family which is a far cry from our pre-Munch period where we would go out for meals, watch a movie, night on the town etc.  I cannot imagine going back to that lifestyle but a 'just us' meal would be heavenly once we feel happy to leave Munch with someone.

...do fun stuff with your LO?

We always have planned activities at least twice a week. I have kept to this since he was six weeks old,  partly for my own sanity as well as his development.  We are currently going to baby swimming lessons (water confidence I think they call it) and baby sensory sessions both of which I would like for Munch to continue once I return to work as the activities change as he developsOther days are spent visiting friends/family or are just time for the two of us where everything depends on the weather right now.  He plays on his own, we play together, we read, we dance - or rather I dance and he gets whizzed around.  Sometimes I think he must think me plain crazy : )

...spend time with family?

As I am currently on maternity leave, we see my parents once a week and his paternal grandma and cousin once a week also.  Other family members are seen on a more ad hoc basis depending on their commitments.  Not sure how we will work things once I am back at work and I often wonder how other families juggle this as I will want him all to myself.

...socialise with friends?

I have become closer to friends who have babies a similar age to Munch - there is this understanding that exists about what can, or cannot, be done with a baby in tow.  Some friends have drifted apart whilst others are quite happy to pop round for a brew and a chat.  I guess with life changing events those around us either grow with us or move in a different direction.

...prepare an evening meal juggling a baby/toddler bedtime routine?

We eat around 6pm every evening.  I do not get to spend hours in the kitchen trying this or that recipe as much these days so meals have to be quick and easy or have to be left to cook.  As we are following baby-led weaning we always eat together.  The bedtime routine starts around 7.30pm and this changes for nobody as it throws Munch's entire night off. 

...deep clean your house?

The shame! We have not had a good deep clean for far too long.  I try and keep on top of the chores as much as possible but would quite happily like a cleaning fairy.  It will never happen as I am not sure I would trust someone else to clean our house the way I want it cleaning.  Control freak? Yes.

...do the food shopping?

We do a meat shop once a month and everything is frozen.  All other things are purchased on a weekly basis.  Munch and I go in a morning which can be especially fun when he decides he has had enough of sitting in the trolley and wants to be carried!  There are countless times where I have come close to just leaving without the shopping.  Once I go back to work I may contemplate having groceries delivered but I may miss the perusing far too much.

...bulk ironing?

Er, I don't.  I used to bulk iron religiously but considering I had some clothes sat in the ironing basket until recently for nigh on seven months that tells you how much time I do not seem to have.  I hate ironing as I go but right now it is something that has to happen.

So, how did I do?  Have I bored you sufficiently or made you scratch your head in wonder as to what on earth I am doing?  The one thing that strikes me is just how much I am trying to fit into my days and not actually being very successful at it!

These ladies have very different lives but are all mothers first and foremost.  How do you find the time? 

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  1. I love this entry hun!!! I love nosing into everyone's day to day to do routines!! Nosey beatch I am ;-)

    Thanks veryuch for taking part in my very first meme!!!


    1. With any luck someone will share the secrets of how to get these things done without it feeling like a military operation is underway! Thank you : )

  2. Great you dont seem disorganised at all! x

    1. Thank you! It may not seem it but I definitely feel it.

  3. I also hate bath's. I thought i was the only one, good to have company. Can't wait to see how you sort it all out when your back at work. I have 3 LO's & work part-time & i'm struggling to cope with daily chores never mind a deep clean, which i so dearly wish i could get done.

    1. I have no idea how the juggling will go once I get back to work. I don't really want to be spending all my time doing chores when the time I get to spend with my little boy is so precious. We shall see!