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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Day 15/ 31 - Timeline of your day


I thrive on structure and routine so on first going on maternity leave I was lost to say the least.  These days we have a flexible routine which has taken some getting used to; I have shed tears of frustration at times as it is so much at odds with who I am but with time I have become a little more at ease with it.  My days usually go like this:

5am  First milk feed of the day - normally Munch and I go in the spare room so I can feed lying in bed and leave Daddy to carry on sleeping in peace.  Fingers crossed Munch will sleep some more as 5am starts are not a favourite of mine!

7 - 7.30am  Munch wakes naturally at this time on most days.  We have our morning chat (I chat, he babbles). Nappy change.

8am  Pop Munch on the floor in the lounge with some toys.  I make Daddy's lunch and our breakfast.  If the dishwasher needs emptying I do it at this time too.

8.20am-ish Munch and I sit at the table for our breakfast.  Munch is baby-led weaned so breakfast can take up to an hour.  Once we are done Munch goes back to play in the lounge and I'll tidy away all the breakfast things.

10am Munch may need a nap although he is starting to drop his morning nap of late.  He naps/ plays and I'll shower and get changed.  If there are chores to do they are done, or started, before lunchtime.

12noon Lunchtime followed by more play.

2pm  Munch's afternoon nap.  Normally naps for two hours.  I fit chores or blogging in whilst he naps.  Some days I will nap too depending on how tired I am.

4pm  Munch wakes and we will play and read some books.

5pm  Start getting food ready for our evening meal.  I'll also give Munch a milk feed around now.

6 - 6.30pm We have our evening meal.  Munch and Daddy will then go and play while I finish sorting/clearing.

7.30pm  Bedtime routine of bath, final milk feed and bed.

Anytime between 8.30 and 9.30pm, Daddy and I can relax for a couple of hours.

Bedtime for us is anytime between 10.30pm and 11.30pm although I can easily fall asleep on the sofa before this!

3am  Night milk feed although sometimes there is an additional feed around 11pm.  

That is how my day runs in the main.  Everything revolves around feeding and napping these days.


  1. These days won't last for ever ..... it just seems like it sometimes!

    You will look back in years to come and marvel how you ever managed to achieve anything!

    1. I do that now! I sometimes feel like I'm meeting myself coming backwards but I must be getting things done as the house is far from resembling a tip just now!