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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 28/31 - What are you looking forward to

There are many, many things I am looking forward.  We have the numerous firsts that are yet to come with Munch from his first word to his first night being nappy free.  We have all the fun things that we will do as a family once he is mobile; I cannot wait to don wellies and a mac so we can go jump in puddles and dance in the rain.  Okay, maybe that is more for myself, but all the little things that bring so much fun and laughter when you are rediscovering the world with your child. 

I am looking forward to getting married next year with Munch in his little suit walking me down the aisle!  Just thinking about that moment makes me smile.  To marry the man that loves me and truly understands me cannot come fast enough.

There are many pregnancies at the moment, so the arrival of new babies towards the end of this year.  You just got to love that newborn smell!

The future holds so much for us and I cannot wait.

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