> Mushypea, Sprout et al: Day 23/ 31 - Your dream job

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 23/ 31 - Your dream job

If you had asked me this eight months ago I would have said my dream jobs were either to teach or to work at an Orangutan rescue centre.  Now?  I am doing my dream job - that of being a mum.  Yes, there are those snippets of time that usually feel like an eternity when you are in them when things are bad but invariably I forget about them.  To witness his growing and development in this his first year has been amazing.  It is a miracle as to just how far he has come already since we arrived home that first time.

It is the hardest I have ever worked, but the rewards and perks that come with it more than compensate!


  1. It is hard work! And it's the most natural work. I love that so many of us are in love with what we do now.

    1. Goes to show it truly is the best job :)

  2. Work with orangutans sounds interesting. I agree motherhood is the hardest job.